The Mind Clouders – Fake It Until You Make It (CD) (1999) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 24.10.2016


A collaboration between 2Mex and Mum’s The Word. Los Angeles underground hip-hop.


01. Hollow Victory
02. Listen
03. Odessey Honestly
04. False/Lost
05. Cloud Control (Interlude)
06. Marshall Law
07. Paranoia Shiek feat. Iriscience
08. Fool Press Conference (Skit)
09. Broken Intercom feat. Zen
10. Unraveling feat. Circus & Life Rexall
11. Funny Isn’t It
12. Kirby Can Hawk (Interlude)
13. Upside Down 6 feat. Dannu, Key-Kool, Vixxen, Puzoozoowatt, AWOL One, Subtitle, Bus Driver, & Circus
14. Fake It Until The Outro
15. Worship The Music


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