The Shady Corps – The Shady Corps LP (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

Posted: 05.09.2015

The Shady Corps - The Shady Corps LP

What Is The Shady Corps? The Shady Corporation also known as the “Shady Corps” is a rap group.

It is modeled after the “Marine Corps”. In the fashion of training and preparing for war. In this case the war referred to is the war between real Hip Hop and the “Culture Vultures”(people out to exploit the culture).

The Shady Corps is comprised of Pacewon (from the “Outsidaz” and “Pacewon and Mr. Green” fame) and several M.C.’s and producers. The “Shady Corps” is also an Eminem tribute band. Honoring and celebrating real hip hop while carrying on the tradition set forth by Eminem of Out spoken, witty, saavy, and insightful lyrics…


01. He Said It Featuring Denz One
02. Mercury Rising (Featuring CyMarshall Law)
03. Magneto (Featuring Stiltz of Babylon Warchild)
04. Funky Bruce (Featuring Tone Liv, Mood Swangz, Denku, Quantom Physics, Burrowz, Shawn Lov, and AmOner)
05. Just Like Me (Live) (Featuring Sat One)
06. Don’t Stop (Featuring MotionPlus)
07. 7. For The World (Featuring Rival, Milkbone, Pryme Prolifik, and Brash)
08. Nice Guys (Featuring S Ka Paid)
09. Run Along (Featuring Simplex)
10. Order (Featuring Mic Rippa and Milkbone)
11. Superstar (Featuring Rory Sparrow)
12. Outerspace (Featuring Prossess, William Cooper, Weegee and Ill Proceeja)
13. Until the Groupies Are All Gone (Featuring Paul Haverman)
14. Bonus (Featuring Tone Liv, Rival, Icarus, and Shawn Lov)
15. Lost Souls (Featuring Lakim Shabazz and Urban Shocker)
16. Magnanimous (Featuring MOox Mookneto Einstienart)
17. Won In a Million (Featuring JD Walker Conspire)


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