VA – Will Tell Presents: The Mad Verbal Lyrical Lunatics (CD) (2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 06.01.2017

Thanks to SteveWonda!


01 Cron Hypnostein, Ces – M.V.L.L.
02 Chubbs, Ces, A.B.,  Cron Hypnostein, Roy Rukkus – Monsterous
03 Cron Hypnostein, Roy Rukkus, A.B. – You Hear Me Son
04 FU, Mez, A.B., Roy Rukkus – Lemme Hear Ya Loud
05 A.B., Cron Hypnostein, Roy Rukkus – Funny Money Cats
06 A.B., Cron Hypnostein, Ces – Now What
07 Cron Hypnostein, A.B., Ces – Let Live And Let Die
08 Roy Rukkus, A.B. – Horrible
09 Ces, A.B. – Relax
10 Ces, Mez, Roy Rukkus – You Dont Want It
11 Cron Hypnostein – Powerfull Contact
12 A.B., Cron Hypnostein, Ces, Roy Rukkus – The Four Wallz
13 A.B., Ces, Cron Hypnostein, Roy Rukkus – Fuck Niggaz
14 Ces, Roy Rukkus – Oh Word
15 Chubbs, A.B., Cron Hypnostein, Mez – No Doubt


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