Warlocks – Top Notch (CD) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 17.08.2015
Warlocks - Top Notch

Warlocks second LP is by far their best. Released back in 1997 on Tommy Tees label Tee Productions this record set the standard for Norwegian hip-hop albums and has in my opinion yet to be topped. The topics are mostly graffiti/bombing and b-boy-ing but with a gritty and dark twist while the beats are clearly east-coast inspired. The single Time Flies was a huge hit and between ’97 and ’01 Warlocks were the undisputed kings of Norwegian hip-hop. My personal favorites are After Dark Wallhiters & The 3rd Mission, both on a serious train yard wrecking-tip. If you long back to the days of inner city bombing and want to reminisce or simply want to get a good album, download this!


1. Intro
2. Rejects Connects
3. The 3rd Mission
4. After Dark Wallhitters
5. Hardcore Slickness
6. Time Flies
7. The Way My Mind Works
8. Karma Soloflight
9. 3 Styles
10. Flasherz
11. VOT Click
12. Flashbacks (Tee & Hawk Remix)


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320 kbps –  |  Datafile

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