Willie Green – Doc Savage (WEB) (2016) (320 kbps)

Posted: 25.09.2016

Willie Green - Doc Savage


01. Bronze Intro
02. The Mental Wizard feat. PremRock & Milo
03. The Majii feat. Denmark Vessey
04. The Lost Oasis feat. Henry Canyons, Likwuid & Defcee
05. The Feathered Octopus feat. ELUCID & Open Mike Eagle
06. The Land of Always Night feat. Teddy Faley & Corina Corina
07. Resurrection Day feat. junclassic, PremRock, Warren Britt & Urban Miracle
08. Bronze Interlude
09. The Sargasso Ogre feat. BRZOWSKI & billy woods
10. The Man of Bronze feat. Henry Canyons, Googie & Amy Leigh Richards
11. Haunted Ocean feat. Curly Castro, Lauren Kelly Benson & Cavalier
12. The Thousand Headed Man feat. Armand Hammer & Andy Koufax
13. The Phantom City feat. Zesto, Uncommon Nasa & Barrie McLain
14. Red Snow, Pt. 1 feat. Has-Lo
15. Red Snow, Pt. 2 feat. billy woods
16. The Yellow Cloud feat. Pastense, Dan Dillinger & Skech 185
17. Bonus: The Man Who Shook the Earth feat. Ray Will

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